Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Name of the book : Gerald Grumble

Author: Gita Nath

Publisher: B.Jain

No. of pages : 23

Date of reading : 27/8/10

Kind of book : Fiction

Theme: A grumbling child and his problems

Summary: Gerald was a grumble child. H used to grumble every time. He used to grumble at his parents and it self. He spoiled his exam because of this habit. He used to grumble on small-small things. His parents didn’t know what to do. One day his father told him that is not good to always

Grumble .One day he play with his friends without any grumbling. Then he promised

himself to give up grumble.

The Feature I Like The Most: I like when Gerald promised to give up grumble

The Limitation: the story is very easy to visualize

Suggestion for the future readers: The story is vary inspiring

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