Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Treasure Island

Name of the book : Treasure Island

Author : Robert Louis Stevenson

Publisher:  Kowhai & Young

No. of  pages : 32

Date of reading : 23rd Aug 2010

Kind of book : Fiction

Theme:  The theme of the book is adventure and courage of a young boy

Summary:  Jim is a young boy. After his father’s death a man comes to his home. This man is killed.  Jim and his mother hardly escape. Jim find’s a map of the buried treasure. Jim with a doctor goes to find the treasure there they fight with John Silver and other pirates. Jim/doctor and another sailor Ben Gunn win the bettle  and catch the treasure.

The Feature I Like The Most:  I like the brave Jim Hawkins when he goes in the boat alone and kills the devil pirate

The Limitations: The plot of the story is very wide

Suggestions for the future readers : Story is good but there is no moral of the story

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