Saturday, May 12, 2012

The best season

Once a merchant decided that he will marry his son with a girl who is intelligent and can solve any problem. Whenever he met a girl for his son he used to ask a question, “Which season do you like out of summer, winter and monsoon?” 

Once he met a girl who likes summer because in this season we go to hill station and walk a lot. Then he met another girl who said, “I like winter because we can eat and digest different types of foods.” Another girl said, “I like monsoon because its green everywhere in this season, we see the beautiful rainbow, the soil smells pleasant and we enjoy the rain bath. The merchant liked the answers but he was not satisfied. The disappointed merchant stopped meeting girls for his son. 

One day he met a girl at his relatives’ home. He repeated the same question. The girl replied, “ if our mind and body is fit every season is good but if it’s not fit then every season is bad. This answer made the merchant happy and he decided to marry this girl with his son.      

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