Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kabir Das and the Brahmins

Once upon a time, there was a saint named Kabir Das. Apart from being a saint he was a poet also.

Once he went to take a bath in holy river Ganga. After taking bath he sat down at the river bank. Then few Brahmins come reached there. But they do not have a mug. Kabir Das understood there problem and said, “ you peoples can take my mug.” Then a Brahman said, “ How can we take this dirty mug”.

“But I have washed it”, Said Kabir Das. The other one said, “ but it has touched by an untouchable like you.” Kabir Das replied’ “ if a mug can become dirty with my touch then I have just touched the Ganga also. While taking bath. It would also become dirty. Now you have to bring a new Ganga. 

The Brahmins realized and accepted the mug from Kabir Das               

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