Sunday, May 13, 2012

‘Na Ghar Ka Naa Ghaat Ka’

There was a washer man who was very poor. One day it started raining in his village. He was surprised to see that it was raining gold. The washer man was at home that time. 

He thought, “if it’s raining at home it must be raining at river bank also. Nobody will take the gold from my home but many people will come to collect gold at river. I should go and collect the gold from river bank.” 

When he reached he found that people have already taken away the gold. He thought, “I already have gold at home.” But when he reached home he found that people have stolen the gold from his home also. Now he had no gold. 

That’s why there is a saying, “naa ghar kaa rahaa naa ghaat kaa.”         

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