Monday, January 13, 2014

missed me ?
I am back with some amazing news for you !!

First -  My father has become a minister
Second - I have completed Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood

Sunday, January 27, 2013


So friends do you miss me.
Now I am telling you a secret.
I have a video on you tube 
I am giving you the link. 
That is 
Chinta ta Chita chita by meer sisodia

Saturday, January 26, 2013

what can I do for my country

What can I do for my country

hello friends 
I m Meer
I am inpspired by the line of Rang de Basanti 
"no country is perfect 
                                     we have to make it perfect"

Now I feel that I also can do something for my country.
Fist of all I have to study hard because a 
perfect country needs educated citizens,
Now I can save water, electricity.
I will tell my parents to pay all taxes to government and participate in movements.

Bye ... have a nice life



Saturday, May 19, 2012

Learning Sanskrit

Once sir William Johns was Kolkata’s judge. He was fond of study and learning new languages since childhood. When he came to India he wanted to learn Sanskrit but nobody agreed to teach him. 

One day a priest kept some conditions and decided to teach him Sanskrit. The condition was that there should be two chairs and one table in the class room. The class room should be cleaned every day. 

He should leave eating meat. He should make arrangements of the mat of priest. In the beginning Sir Johns had some problems he knew some Hindi words only and did not knew a single words of English. But in few days the priest saw sir  William’s hard work, care and interest and felt very happy. After the hard work of one year he became intelligent in Sanskrit. He translated the very famous Sanskrit play ‘ Abhigyan Shakuntalam’ to English.                    


The sand and the pot

Once sand asked the pot, “I am also sand and you are also  made of sand  but water takes me away and you can put water  in.”

The pot said ,“This is true that you are also sand  and I am also sand but I get wet in water then get mashed from legs , then spin on chaak  then get hard push of  hammer  and finally burn on fire. After so much hard ships I become able to put water in.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kabir Das and the Brahmins

Once upon a time, there was a saint named Kabir Das. Apart from being a saint he was a poet also.

Once he went to take a bath in holy river Ganga. After taking bath he sat down at the river bank. Then few Brahmins come reached there. But they do not have a mug. Kabir Das understood there problem and said, “ you peoples can take my mug.” Then a Brahman said, “ How can we take this dirty mug”.

“But I have washed it”, Said Kabir Das. The other one said, “ but it has touched by an untouchable like you.” Kabir Das replied’ “ if a mug can become dirty with my touch then I have just touched the Ganga also. While taking bath. It would also become dirty. Now you have to bring a new Ganga. 

The Brahmins realized and accepted the mug from Kabir Das               

Sunday, May 13, 2012

‘Na Ghar Ka Naa Ghaat Ka’

There was a washer man who was very poor. One day it started raining in his village. He was surprised to see that it was raining gold. The washer man was at home that time. 

He thought, “if it’s raining at home it must be raining at river bank also. Nobody will take the gold from my home but many people will come to collect gold at river. I should go and collect the gold from river bank.” 

When he reached he found that people have already taken away the gold. He thought, “I already have gold at home.” But when he reached home he found that people have stolen the gold from his home also. Now he had no gold. 

That’s why there is a saying, “naa ghar kaa rahaa naa ghaat kaa.”