Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The puppet show for Gandhi

Yesterday we went to see a puppet show about life of Mahatma Gandhi. It was held at Teen Murti Bhawan. This was house of Chacha Nehru.

I went with my papa, Nunu didi and Pakhi

Didi. On the way we saw Parliament, President House and India Gate.

We reached one hour before the show. There was no light in the hall. Finally the show started 20 minuets late.

First, came a train. The British TT threw Gandhi out of train. Then we saw puppets, masks, actors and dance. We saw Indians, blacks and white people fighting. Gandhi’s puppet was teaching everybody to love. At the end we enjoyed at a Bengali restaurant.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

पृथ्वी माता

ये है पृथ्वी माता
उगाती फल पृथ्वी माता
जीवन देती कुछ लेती
रेल मोटर सहन करती
सहती हम को पृथ्वी माता
पेड़ उगाती उस पर फूल सजाती
गिरते संभालते कुछ कहती
ऐसा जीवन कभी मिलता
मान करो सम्मान करो


My music institute -AROHI celebrated it's annual day on 2nd October 2010. It was an amazing musical evening. I participated in 5 songs-
1. Saraswti Vandana
2. Ajeeb dastan hai ye
3. Kaise batayen
4. Kajara mohabbat wala
5. Ek din to aayega...

The last song was written and composed by our music sir [Sujeet sir]. Doctor Anjali Mittal was our cheif guest. Sujeet Sir's first music CD - GAYATRI SWAR was also released during the function. My sisters - Nunu, Pakhi, Roshni also participated. At the end I was awarded with a trophy and certificate.

After the function all of us, including mummy, papa, Nunu didi and her mummy-papa, Pakhi didi and her mummy-papa went for dinner at RAJA KA DHABA.